• The Law Students’ Muslim Majlis was founded with the vision of promoting Islamic values among the student fraternity of  SLLC.
  • Objective of the Majlis was to promote  unity and intellectuality among the communities and to strengthen the unity and harmony  within the emerging Advocates and Proctors from SLLC 


  • A grand dinner was organized under the presidency of M.R.Thassim with Justice Nagalingam as the chief guest, and the participation of Muslim and non Muslim parliamentarians. Dr. N.M.Perera was a notable guest.


Marked a historic milestone under the presidency of A.M.M.Zubair and editorship of M.Dassooki Mohamed,  publishing  a law journal titled ‘Majlis Review’ (which was devoted to reforming the Muslim law in Sri Lanka)

  • This was the birth of the present “Meezan”
  • At the time, Mr. M.Rafeek served as the vice patron of the Majlis
  • A notable guest that  year was Mr. Peter Keneman MP, who delivered a speech on the political trends of the day.


  • A constitution for the Majlis was drafted for the first time under the presidency of U.L.M.Farook.
  • Activities of the Majlis which had been confined to the premises of SLLC were taken beyond the 4 walls for the very first time this year.
  • Following the landmark judgment of the supreme court in Jaaldeen v Darth Umma 64 NLR 19, which dissolved null and void the appointment of Quazis under the MMDA, the Majlis made the representation to the minister of justice to take immediate action to appoint Quazis through JSC
  • The president of the then Majlis was elected at a conference held under the auspices of the Ceylon Muslim League to discuss the afore said matter.


  • The work of the previous Majlis was continued with the same vigour under the presidency of A.A.M.Marleen (former Ambassador & PC) and the committee.
  • The Majlis Review was continued while Mr.A.H.Mohideen and A.H.M.Ismail joined as Vice patrons alongside Mr.M.Rafeek.
  • A grand dinner was organized by the Majlis and was held at the Galle Face Hotel with CJ Hon.M.C.Sansoni presiding as the chief guest. many notable legal alumni’s and diplomats were seen to have graced the occasion.
  • Many beneficial lectures were organised this year. Among them were the address by Theja Gunawardena on “National Independence & Peace”, the address by Hon late Mr.Dudley Senanayake on “Threats to Democracy” and the address of Senator Doric De Souza on the “ End of the Middle way”
  • For the first time in history the Majlis hosted a cultural delegation from Pakistan which was headed by Prof.G.M.Khan , Principal of Islamic College of Karachchi. Prof.Khan addressed the Majlis on “ Education in Pakistan”.
  • The Majlis represented the all island Muslim educational conference conducted by the All Ceylon Muslim League to discuss the educational problems confronting the Muslim community.
  • The Majlis organized a united prophets birthday celebration with the corporation of the Ceylon Islamic Centre.
  • For the first time, a publication other than the Majlis Review was published titled “Why Fast?” during the month of Ramadan. The publication also featured the work of Dr.Hamidullah.


  • Another publication named “political theory of Islam was written by Mr.Moulana Mawdoodi was published


  • For the first a seminar was organised by the Majlis on the theme “Reform of Muslim”. The culminating success of this seminar was the formation of the “Muslim Law Research Committee of SL”. Many legal luminaries and Muslim scholars were present at the event.


  • Signified the Silver Jubilee of the Majlis.
  • The “Majlis Review” which was not published in the previous years was published this year styled as “Meezan”
  • This soon became one of the leading law journals published by students. The journal featured articles in Sinhalese and Tamil for the first time that year.
  • The objectives of the Majlis were broadened in effect which saught to cater to building leaders who will have the vision, aspiration and ambition to build a new society
  • That year too featured many beneficial lectures presented by many important persons including the lecture by Prof.Abdul Rahman, a scholar in Tamil literature from India.
  • The Majlis inaugurated a scholarship program to render support to the needy students. this scholarship was generously funded by Al Haj M I M Naleem and thus was named “Naleem Hajiar Scholarship”
  • The Majlis was invited by the Muslim Students Association of the USA and Canada to participate in their Luth(Youth) Annual Convention.
  • The Majlis took an active role in promoting students nights at SLLC. due to the efforts of the Majlis together with other student unions, students were allowed to answer all their examination papers in English (which was not previously granted)
  • It is noteworthy to mention that the then president M.S.M.Aflul had honour of being called upon to present the case for the students before the council on two occasion.


  • Justice Abdul Hakeem, High commissioner of Bangladesh in Sri Lanka gave a lecture on the topic “Importance of the Legal Profession”
  • The Majlis widened the scholarship programme to not only provide financial assistance to needy students, but to also award two cash prizes to students who obtained first class honours at the examination.
  • The Majlis for the first time organized for its members a trip to Beruwala with a visit to the Muslim university “Naleemiah Institute”
  • Members of the Majlis enrolled as members of the M.I.C.H. Youth parliament ( an initiative to sharpen their talents in oratory, acquaint in parliamentary procedures and train them for leadership)
  • Meezan was published with Hon. Al Haj M.H.Mahammed, Minister of Transport Board and Muslim Religious affairs as the chief guest.


  • The Majlis took the initiative to help the Muslim students at SLLC by providing them with cash loans to pay for law book, tuition fees etc.
  • The Meezan was published and the Hon speaker of parliament AL Haj M.A .Bakeer Markar graced the occasion as chief guest.


  • The Meezan is published with the chief guest Mr.Gamini Dissanayajke , Minister of lands and Mahaweli development.


  • The Majlis saw the successful completion of 30 years.
  • The Meezan was launched with the chief guest Dr.Nissanka Wijeratne, the then minister of Justice.


  • The Meezan was launched featuring for the first time the complete database of all Muslim students at SLLC and all lawyers island wide.
  • A lecture was held where Justice M Jameel judge of the Court Appeal addressed the students on the topic “The distribution of wealth in Islam”
  • For the first time the Majlis was able to conduct a course of study for prospective law students covering the subject areas of English and Tamil languages and general knowledge.


  • Under the presidency of A.M.M.D.Nawas, the position of vice patron was reintroduced and then state counsel, Mr.Saleem Marsoof took up the position.
  • Jauffer Hassan took the position of Senior Treasurer in order to overlook the activities of the Majlis primary with regard to finance.


  • The tenure of the committee commenced with the inaugural meeting in march during which the then DSG Mr.Shibly Aziz delivered a talk on the topic “Statutes Governing Muslim Personal Laws, is any revision needed” many dignitaries and legal luminaries too were presented at the event.


  • Activities of the Majlis commenced with the inaugural meeting at which Supreme Court justice A.R.B.Amarasinghe, as the Chief Guest  addressed the gathering on the topic “ Human Rights and Islamic Tradition”
  • The post vice patron was then taken up by DSG Shibly Aziz
  • The Majlis for the first time organised an “Address to the Jury” competition in English. the trophy was named after former AG A.C.M.Ameer (PC)


    • The committee undertook two new projects that year
      • Distribution of Sahar meals to muslims students residing in the hostel
      • The Majlis obtained scholarships from the Ceylon Baithul Maal Fund for the needy Muslim students.
    • A speech was delivered by then BAR Association President, Desmond Fernando PC on the topic “Problems faced by new Attorneys”


  • Many lectures were organized this year as well
  • Inaugural meeting was held with the participation of Hon.Justice Ameer Ismail, judge of the Court of Appeal as the chief guest.
  • The Majlis visited a refugee camp in Pulichakkulam in the Putlam district where stationary was donated to the displaced students at camp.
  • A legal aid unit was established in the Majlis for the first time.


  • Inaugural meeting was held by Supreme Court justice K.M.M.B.Kulatunga as the chief guest.
  • An impromptu speech contest was organized for the first time and a trophy was donated by Mr.N.M.Burhandeen in memory of late Justice M.T.Akbar to be awarded to the winner.
  • A research paper contest on Muslim law was held to enhance the knowledge of Islamic Jurisprudence.
  • A moot competition was organized by the Majlis. the winners of the competition were awarded at that years Meezan Launch; the chief guest was then CJ Hon.G.P.S.De Silva
  • The Majlis visited the “Isha athul islam” home for orphans in Dharga Town and necessities were donated.
  • Saleem Marsoof (DSG) assumed duties as Vice Patron that year
  • An Ifthar was organized for the first time
  • Another refugee relief programme was organized for the refugees in the Putlam district.


  • A ‘Thahlim’ programme was organized every week in which speakers from both national and international levels were invited.
  • The Majlis hosted an event to felicitate Dr.Baduideen Mahmud for the yeoman service rendered by him; the cheif guest of the event was the then President Her Excellency President Chandirika Bandaranayake Kumaratuge.


  • The Meezan was for the first time dedicated in memory of a person that year. It was dedicated in honour of Dr.Badiudeen Mahmud.


  • This year marked the Golden Jubilee for the Majlis
  • The committee under the presidency of Ahmed M Hussain successfully convinced the administration to not hold lectures during Jumma hours.
  • The Majlis conducted an English class free of charge with the aim of helping college students  enhance  their language skills


  • A.H.G.Ameen was appointed as senior treasurer of the majlis


  • The best speaker contest and research paper contest were continued
  • The publishing of Meezan was revived (it was not published for a few years)
  • The majlis pledge its support to the effort by the LSU in assisting Tsunami Victims
  • The modern constitution of the majlis was promulgated and incorporated into the Meezan


  • With the new principal Mr.W.D.Rodrigo being appointed to SLLC, the Majlis too witnessed a new patron
  • A symposium under the topic “Freedom Expression V Religious Sensitivities” was held in the college main hall.


  • Saw a change in the course of the number of members of LSMM
  • A copy of the translation of the Quran was handed over to the college library


  • The scholarship programme for needy students was reintroduced
  • The Majlis organized a felicitation ceremony in honour of the then principal obtaining a Doctorate from University of Queensland
  • The Meezan was dedicated in memory of late Mr.M.H.M. Ashroff PC, leader of the SLMC and past president and secretary of the Majlis.
  • The best speaker contest was named after him


  • Commenced with the inaugural meeting where Mr. Shibly Azeez, PC was facilitated on his appointment as the President of the Bar Association of Sri Lanka .
  • The Majlis published and distributed a text book on Muslim Law in English language.


  • Inaugural meeting was held with former  Supreme Court  Judge,  VP of the ICJ, H.E.Judge Dr.C.G.Weeramantry.
  • The Majlis organized a Dua and Bayan session in lieu of the centenary celebration of law college being situated at the current location.
  • An essay competition was held in all three languages.
  • The Meezan was launched with the presence of Faisz Mustapha PC and former MP Imthiaz Bakeer Markar


  • The Majlis for the first time devised an elaborate system of sub committees including information and PR, publication, finance, skills and language development, welfare etc.
  • For the first time in the history of the Majlis and perhaps SLLC, a Sinhala and Tamil language development class series was organised for those who were not conversant with the languages
  • The Majlis paid a visit to Lady Fareed Elders Home at Makola and spent a day with the elders


  • For the first time in recent history an Eid Celebration  was held in the college premises
  • The Majlis broadened its scope in providing sahar meals (thanks to the contribution of generous donors) to university students residing  around Law College as well
  • The Muslim law book was published along with the Tamil translation of the content
  • a website exclusive to the Majlis ( was launched at the Meezan launching ceremony
  • E-book versions of all the  Majlis Reviews  and  Meezan  journals published  to date, including the very first publication in 1962, were made available



  • 50th Edition of the Meezan was launched. The Attorney General of Sri Lanka, Hon. Jayantha Jayasuriya graced the occassion as the Chief Guest.


  • Safeena Mahroof became the first lady to be appointed as the President of the Law Students’ Muslim Majlis.
  • The 51st Edition of Meezan was dedicated to the late judge C.G. Weeramantry.
  • A legal aid program was conducted in Marichikkady to provide legal assistance to those who were displaced from their homes.


  • The Majlis organized ‘Visit My Mosque’ program where the students of Law College were given an opportunity to witness the proceedings of a mosque. The event was held at Jawatte Jummah Mosque.


  • The Majlis organized a seminar for the candidates of the Law Entrance examination of Sri Lanka Law College
  • The 53rd Edition of Meezan was dedicated to Late Mr. Shibly Azeez, PC.


  • The Majlis organized a visit to the Qazi court for freshers of Sri Lanka Law College.


  • Law Students’ Muslim Majlis was able to launch the 54th Edition of Meezan despite the setbacks from COVID-19 pandemic.
  • The website of Law Students’ Muslim Majlis was re-launched as by Minister of Justice and Senior Treasurer of Law Students’ Muslim Majlis, Mr. M.U.M. Ali Sabry, PC at the 54th Edition of Meezan Launch at Sri Lanka Law College.
  • The Digital Version of Meezan 54th Edition was launched by Judge of Supreme Court and Vice Patron of Law Students’ Muslim Majlis, Justice A.H.M.D. Nawaz at the 54th Edition of Meezan Launch at Sri Lanka Law College.